Replacement insert for UIC558 receptacle

UIC558 Series connectors are designed for connecting lines used for remote control of lights and doors or for public address systems in passenger coaches or multiple unit trains.

Konfigurator Fahrschalter

Schaltbau has developed a new replacement insert for the receptacle of the UIC558 connector which is likely to reduce maintenance and downtime considerably. Usually, if during maintenance it becomes necessary to replace worn contacts you have to cut the old cable in order to replace the insert and after that wire a new cable to it or, in the worst case, rewire the whole railway vehicle. Now, there is no need of a cable replacement any longer. All you need do is exchange the replacement insert of the receptacle. You can do that from the front and outside the engine shed and you can even drop the electrical testing of the connector’s contacts and wires.

Fahrschalter S337

Replacement insert UIC558

Schaltbau has added a new type of receptacle to its UIC558 connector series which is likely to reduce maintenance and downtime considerably…